Southeastern AAU Taekwondo

Welcome to Southeastern AAU Taekwondo!

The AAU Taekwondo Program is open to athletes of all ages and abilities. Athletes may participate in Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Black Belt divisions in Forms, Olympic-style Sparring and Point Sparring, thus qualifying them for the opportunity to participate at the national level. The AAU Taekwondo Program offers professionally run competitions for practitioners of all styles of traditional Taekwondo, including World Taekwondo, International Taekwondo Federation and Tangsoodo Moo Do Kwan.

Black belts who qualify at the state, district or regional level in Olympic Sparring compete at the AAU National Championship in July.  The top four places of the Cadets (ages 12-14) and Juniors (ages 15-17) at Nationals receive  an invitation to AAU National Team Trials in September.  The Cadet and Junior team is selected after a round robin competition and, as members of the AAU National Cadet and Junior Teams, travel to international competitions.  Olympic Sparring Competitors ages 10-11 and adults 18-34 who win gold at Nationals are awarded a position on our Mini-Cadet and Adult National Teams and receive an AAU National Team warmup and are invited to AAU National Team workouts.

Black belts who qualify, compete at AAU Nationals in Point Sparring and win gold will also be awarded a position on our AAU National Point Sparring team.  This was new in 2017 and members receive an AAU National Team warmup.  This is being further developed in 2018 and 2019.

A benefit of AAU membership is the athlete accident and liability insurance programs. More information about this can be found at

AAU members can participate and compete in local, district/state, regional, and national tournaments. Forms, Point Sparring, and Olympic-style is available to beginner, intermediate, advanced, and black belt level athletes in: Junior (5-17), Senior (18-32),  Executive (33-42) and Ultra (43 & Older) Divisions.

The AAU offers members a District/State organization to assist Taekwondo enthusiasts and sports administrators interested in promoting the art and discipline of Taekwondo. Tournaments, seminars, and programs provide opportunities to interact with colleagues in a sports administration setting. The Southeastern AAU Taekwondo District serves Tennessee and Alabama.

We are excited you are visiting Southeastern AAU Taekwondo.  Please contact Debra M Hooper, SEAAU Taekwondo Sports Chair with any questions.